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it fits you

Inovatzia creates solutions that fit you. As a research company, our goal is to develop and implement a completely radical and disruptive integrated technology system. Our cutting- edge innovations span several industries, but they are all connected by a unique and fundamental set of core inventions and an unwavering dedication to creating equipment that puts power and control where it belongs – in the hands of the consumer.

We build outside of the box to create the ultimate tools.

Inovatzia is committed to creating the next generation of tools, where the consumer is in charge and the producer is empowered to respond to their needs. Our innovations improve medical care, promote healthy lifestyles, revolutionize how people interact with electronics, and reduce environmental impact. We identify inefficiencies and shortcomings in the current systems in order to create solutions tailored to specific needs.

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'In order to change the world, you have to start with one great tool'

Stan Petrov
President & CTO of Inovatzia


With six products in development, Inovatzia integrates a powerful combination of innovative hardware, customized software, and creative peripherals, all linked by use of our core technologies. Explore our current portfolio of inventions.

What tech companies make and sell today no one is going to buy in five years. Tech companies are in the business of innovation.

- Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape -